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Video Tutorial contest 2016-2017 (Make video and earn money )



we want to inform you if you have any skill and expert in this , make a video tutorial for us and earn money we will pay you . on each video .
we got lot of topics so why wasting time work and record the video and send us via mediafire / zippyshare we will review video and pay you via bitcoins .. if you have any tip or have any question ask from email and icq mentioned blew

Here is rate list

  1. Shipping video tutorial 1$ each minute
  2. Dumps & Track tutorial 2$ each minute
  3. Carding Software and script 0.5$ each minute
  4. Carding Money Transfer Tutorials 5$ each minute
  5. Carding Tutorials for Gaming Stuff 1$ each minute
  6. Carding Tutorials on Bank Transfer and Money Transfer 5$ each minute
  7. Finding Card able sites 5$ each minutes
  8. Finding & carding RDP / SOcks / VPN / 1$ each minutes

if you are not satcfied with rates and have more tutorials then we mentioned in site contact us at Email : tony_montana@tutanota.de ICQ : 481465 Jabber : Tony@jabbim.sk

Terms and conditions
All video specially made for our website you will mention our website name several of times in tutorials
You will put our logo + website address in end and start of video you can download logo here https://youtu.be/KpnIpp8s8CI