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[tut] how to viewbot twitch.tv for free

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Apr 22, 2016
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Hello, I found a tutorial in this section a while ago about this, but I can't find it anymore so I am going to try my best to re-make it. If you find the original thread please link it to me!

This program also has chat and follow bot, but this tut will focus mainly on the view bot.

Step 1: First, you will want to gather your proxy list. If you already have a proxy list that works you are good, but if you don't download the program GatherProxy. Once you open it just click start and wait a few minutes for the program to finish gathering. Once it is done, right click the list it has generated and hit "Export All". (These proxies aren't that good, but will still get you about 50-85 Viewers)

Step 2: Open the view bot program and enter your target at the top. Then look at the bottom right and click "Manage Proxies" then "Import HTTP Proxies" and wait for the list to load on the screen

Step 3: Put the viewer count to 500 (Because many of these proxies wont work)
and click "Initialize 500 Instances". Wait about 5 minutes for the viewers to fully start and load into the stream.

Step 4: Once you think all the viewers have caught up, you can click "Initialize 500 Instances" again, to start the cycle list and squeeze out a couple extra viewers.

That's it! If you have suggestions on how I could make these instructions more clear, please let me know.