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Detailed photos of the device for jailbreaking iPhone appeared on the web


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Jan 28, 2016
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The manufacturer of the iPhone jailbreak tool, GrayShift, has filed with the US Federal Trade Commission for an FCC ID.

SecurityLab has repeatedly talked about a device called GrayShift 's GrayKey, designed for forensic analysis (or simply jailbreak) iPhone. However, what it looked like was unknown to the general public. Until recently, only two images of GrayKey were publicly available - one got into a Wall Street Journal article in 2018, and the second was published by MalwareBytes at the same time.

Now several detailed photographs of the device have appeared on the web, including shedding light on its internal structure. This is due to the fact that GrayShift has filed documents with the US Federal Trade Commission for an FCC ID. In the United States, FCC IDs are assigned to hardware products and signify that they comply with FCC standards.

Judging by the photos, the device is powered by an ARM processor from Compulab.

GrayShift and Apple are relentlessly vying with each other - GrayShift is finding ways to exploit vulnerabilities in the iPhone, and Apple is adding new protections. For example, in 2018 Apple introduced the USB Restricted Mode mechanism, mentioned in the leaked GrayShift messages previously received by Motherboard. This feature limits the amount of time a law enforcement officer can unlock a device.