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    I'am your Partners for real carding

    Hello all! I have good dumps(from asia) with service code 1xx for real shopping and cashout via pos-terminals, and i'am looking partners for good cooperation, also i need anyone with msr from india. Name : Laura Nick Name : Shifr001 From : Underground Hobbies : sport
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    US tracks 1&2

    track1: %B4342580975773805^VELES/ KARINA ^15071010000000 00833000000?; track2: 4342580975773805=15071010000000833? track1: %B4342580970829016^GARCIA/ SANJUANITA ^16041010000000 00753000000?; track2: 4342580970829016=16041010000000753? track1: %B4342580966435596^PERALES/ ISABEL...