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    Newbie (How to get started with BTC TO PURCHASE CCS.

    I need help on learning how to purchase btc with cc info. and vice versa please help. Also would love tips on amazon gift carding, and walmart carding.
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    just about to get startedB

    contact me at (email removed not allow here ) who is willing to advise me on getting started also i have 2 names,dob n ssn...what can i do with them
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    To make plastics here's what you need to get started.

    1. Embosser. $800 (punch the numbers on front of card) - Get a manual one health care format. 2. Tipper. (make the numbers on front of card silver or gold) You dont need a tipper because a lot of cards aren't even tipped. You can print a gold/silver outline in the area where the numbers are...