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  1. S

    RCE's && Shellz.....

    Need 1-2 Professional's to Split some $erious Ca$h.......... NO BS! Need to: Dump Sites I've got lined up and already Shelled! Needs to be resourceful, No fucking around. We Dump, Sort Fulls|CC|SSN|PP etc... We distribute the bulks, and sit back in the kings chair counting BTC's.... @DD me...
  2. V

    Sell Fresh .De E-Mails for Spam

    I sell fresh german ( .de ) E-Mail dump 200,000 E-Mails + Sqli shop vuln Fresh dump and unused Price : 50€ Bitcoin Contact : PM
  3. BlackService

    SQLi Stuff

    Version: SELECT VERSION() SELECT @@version SELECT @@version_comment SELECT @@version_compile_machine SELECT @@version_compile_os Directories: SELECT @@basedir SELECT @@tmpdir SELECT @@datadir Users: SELECT USER() SELECT SYSTEM_USER() SELECT *******_USER() SELECT CURRENT_USER() Current...