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  1. Black Panther

    Free Method/idea.. How To Find And Send 100% Inbox Messages -

    Hello.. I want to share a method/idea.. How to find and send 100% inbox messages.. Without Cracking or hacking websites.. Post a comment and i will pm you... Or post your ICQ or email... And I will send the method to you.. I'm Back... Old Spammer...
  2. R

    PM problem

    How to send PM on forum?
  3. R

    PM problem

    Hello. I got email that I someone send me PM. But how to activate PM? I dont see any option on this forum...
  4. S

    [TUT] send your RAT i chatrooms

    Ok Lets Start, so most people will know that yahoo Messenger has many chat rooms, and that you can do alot of things with them, such as sending files. Now, i must say, i have sent a ridiculous amount of RATs through yahoo chat rooms, and most have made connections. The people on certain chat...