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  1. Black Panther

    Carded Galaxy S8+ :) + Proof Meow ^^ Want it? Come in <3

    Yo guys, Finally Carded Galaxy s8+ Here is proof it will be shipped in 28April as samsung release. So Stay tuned for more Hands pictures <3 +rep And i will share site + method as i get it shipped!
  2. Black Panther

    650$ Wu Transfer proof :))))

    650$ Wu Transfer proof :)))) http://imgur.com/a/1fHq9 http://imgur.com/a/ZtEnW http://imgur.com/a/abzSH http://imgur.com/jz39p3P http://imgur.com/a/7WSLZ http://imgur.com/a/04PBK http://imgur.com/a/na1xp 650$ Wu Transfer proof :))))
  3. Billionaire

    Share Your Known Rippers

    Hello members, Please follow the guidelines below when making a ripping report on another member. 1.ICQ / Jabber/Hotmail/yahoo/msn of ripping user 2.Logs/ Screenshots of proof pointing to ripping U can report about any person even non-member of cardersforum.se so we can stop him/her if...
  4. Billionaire

    FIsh Rippers Out Mates..!!

    Hi Mates, How is it going this week ? Hope new things in the new week ahead. To anounce and inform all members that rippers are still on here, be on guards mates . if u smell rippers in any angle dont hesitate to expose him /her immediately. (mind u with geniue proof , false alligations are...