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    DELL ACCOUNTS FROM VERIFIED CARDER | edillon523@gmail.com | gemini523 | [CRE:331] Live | | bawangmerahsquared@gmail.com | farahin20 | [CRE:298] Live | | rideout2@suddenlink.net | ride5711 | [CRE:283]
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    Hyperledger Fabric: The Enterprise Blockchain

    My team has been connected to the distributed systems landscape since the time bitcoin demonstrated its worth as a system of true global importance. For the very first time in human history, the bitcoin system gave a naive user the opportunity to take part in a network that could include every...
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    What the world's leading economists think of blockchain

    Every January, the world's top economists gather to discuss what matters most for the profession. And while it is easy to mistake the belligerent hostility of Nouriel Roubini (aka Dr. Doom) as symptomatic for the profession, the conference paints a rather different picture. In this article, I...
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    When is this Crypto bull run coming?

    The biggest question on the lips of every crypto investor is, “when is this crypto bull run coming?” In such a hugely manipulated market, retail investors have been absolutely decimated, seeing their investments shrinking from the word go and some people have never, not once, seen any upside to...