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    Firstly,humbly salute de ADMIN for this FORUM. Guys, am new and am over dose with happiness to be here bcos i believe this forum got alot to offer. Thank you.
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    Instant verification process in 100$

    Hey if you are selling something like dumps / cc and any other service in world here is great opportunity to get jump start to your business in only few bucks . Be a verified seller and reach to 50K members with trust of carders forum . We are offering Banner Ad + Sticky Thread + Verified...
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    HI Everybody, I offer a U.S drop

    Hi everybody. Im new to this forum and I would like to offer a honest reliable service to all members. I have a really good U.S drop in New York. I am open to any offers anybody may have. We can work everything out on yahoo messenger if you are interested. I can be contacted at ******** on yahoo...