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    Need Carding Help

    I've tried to card several times and always had the card declined. I am pretty sure I am using the proper opsec for carding. I have set up a virtualbox with vpn and used a rdp with sock5 proxies within the vicinity of the card's origin and yet Im still getting declined. Can anyone help me with this?
  2. B

    I thought I was in, then the card company said "nope"... What'd did I do wrong?***HELP***

    Alright so here's what I did exactly... Can a more seasoned vet on here tell me what I should've done differently, or if there just wasn't a chance to begin with? I don't currently have a working computer (in the middle of moving so half my shit is in storage; the computer in their is shit...
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    Hi! I am new here

    Hello all, I just wanted to introduce myself here. I was introduced to carding in November/December 2014. Since then I have been carding online as well in real life stores. I have read a lot of guides on how to card and I have learnt most of the things on myself just by trying over and over...
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    Greetings to all

    Hello all..I go by jimmy, I'm pretty new to this and only know basic carding lol..looking for good and trustworthy people to do long term business with. Hit me up with good links and I'll share what I can with y'all Peace