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  1. Black Stone

    As A Major Milestone Hits Bitcoin, What Happens Now?

    Foreword: My intent for this article is to review recent events in the crypto market, starting with two data points that we encountered in the past week, and then reviewing the past year to understand what began and ended 2017’s parabolic bull run. We’ll then look at what happened to the last...
  2. Black Stone

    Apple’s Precarious and Pivotal 2019

    The results are in. Actually, they’re not in. And that was a major problem yesterday for Apple. You see, the company had to do something they almost never do. They had to revise their earnings guidance.¹ Downward. The stock was halted. Yikes. Today, the stock is down nearly 10%. Tens of billions...
  3. V

    New Chapter !

    Hey guys , Im new here and i have a feeling this is just the place that i needed to Find since leakforums got Shutdown , i have good knowledge about cardning but never been able to make it work , I hope I can get some guidance here ❤