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    Photo Document

    Document ITALY identification images for verification at any website I can offer photos documents: ID CARD UTILITY BILLS BANK STATEMENT CREDIT CARD COMPANY DOCUMENT SCREENSHOT ONLINE BANKING Only ITALY Contact me in private for all matters ITALY ICQ: 481465
  2. SMS Master

    Vip Sms Spam Service For | Uk | Usa | Canada | Germany | France | Denmark | Italy | Korea | China |

    Hello we are proud to introduce our sms spam (SMS marketing service on verifiedcarder.ws) We give an new opportunity to our spammer brothers to reach on next level spamming with heavy response rate . Now we can send sms to any user in mentioned countries sms will goes to Inbox and user will...
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    Italy CCV Live

    4018204268834959 11 12 426 Luigi Cerchione Viale delle Porcellane, 23 Napoli State 80131 Italy 3920462957 --->LIVE LIVE LIVE