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  1. Black Panther

    I'm selling uk results freshly spammed daily

    I'm selling uk results freshly spammed daily U.K. Logs U.K. Fullz U.K. Ccs Pm me for more information
  2. B

    I'm a trusted dealer

    I am a good trusted dealer, I got drops for WU picks in about 20 valid ID's , I got drops for bank transfer in the USA and Address in US for shopping, Any good carder or hacker for cool deals.
  3. Z

    Hello I'm New Here

    Hello I'm new to this forum and I am wondering if there was someone that's willing to help me start carding --) xcalif209@gmail.com,Thanks For your Time!
  4. E

    Hello guys. I'm pro carder.

    I work in bank carding for 2,5 years. I need honest bank drop in NY for big deals.Also I'm looking for another drops in any state to receive clean transfers.
  5. D

    Hello I'm new there

    Hi, I a searching a website like this for weeks and know i have found it. Happy to be here. But totally. Greetz !
  6. Fimvark

    Hello! I'm new here

    Hello! My name is Fimvark. I'm from Nicaragua. I'm a famous and legit hacker, cracker, carder and seller :)
  7. T

    I'm selling ATM skimmers

    Hey guys I'm selling black ATM skimmers that take info directly to USB flash drive this takes down all info from billing to cvv. I'm selling for 500
  8. O

    I'm now a member

    I am ordering cvv and do spamming activities.
  9. S

    hiii i'm new

    hiii i am new here.. i want to take help and and also want to help others.. thank you
  10. S

    i'm new here

    hello, my name is sabino, i'm new here
  11. Q

    Hi guys, I'm Quantum !

    Hello, I'm new ! I have no knowledge about this world of carding, hacking ect... I'm here to learn. I need you, people ! (I'm French and sorry for my bad english.) I am around twenty years old. I would like to send me some tutorials about the carding (in general), socks5, vpn, Paypal...
  12. 8

    What's good fellow $ makers, I'm Sosa

    Name : SosaBurr Nick Name : 80dreamteam From : Canada City : Montreal Sex : Male Hobbies : Making money. i Got This Site From ? From google, looking forward to this!
  13. C

    I'm newbie

    Hi I finally have joined after reading the forum for a long time now. Nice to meet you all.. I'm James. I want to share what I've learned from you.
  14. Z

    Hello world, i'm ZacSroot.

    Hello everyone, I'm ZacSroot from Morocco, i've been spammer & carder for more than 5 years now i'm trying to play biggest games and i just get my skimming devices ( MSR606 , MiniDX3 etc ) i hope that i will find interesting informations and helpful people to guide me. Thank you
  15. A

    New to this, I can get full cc info + other info, I'm after advice guys pls

    I have access to approx 20-30 full cc info and personal details per week. I have spent some time on these forums and would like some advice on what I can do with this information. The CCs are UK with full adress dob etc, any sensible comments please
  16. U

    I'm newbie and i need paypal acc verified !?

    I need a paypal account verified no bank / no card, can you help me Thanks
  17. I

    Hello, i'm not New member but i back :D

    Hallo all, how are you? and who are you ;v
  18. I

    i'm cashier dumps 201 no pin

    i need 201 dumps
  19. L

    I'm Leo... puts on shades, Leo Lee.

    Hi I'm Leo, I like money and have spent the last 10 years in front of my keyboard.
  20. K

    Hello, I'm new here :)

    Hi, I'm new here, I would like to learn more about the subject matter of the forum. I hope to find what I seek, I will be bringing several things. PD: Sorry my bad fuc*****ing english :P