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  1. T

    new here. can get ssn, dob, credit reports...

    Can get ssn dob address history, acct history, etc. What I need is the know how to turn a profit. Let's partner up!
  2. C

    Newbie here.

    Hello. Just to greet you. I hope to be a serious buyer in the forum, learn and help others newbies. Greetings from North America.
  3. J

    jimmyg new here.

    Alright people, im new here from the u.k. and i have 5 full sets of i.g. (driving licence, utility bill, bank statement etc) unused and have two friends with the same if anyone wants to cashout w.u. etc 50/50 split ?.
  4. M

    New member here.

    Hi everyone, I came across this site by accident as I was browsing. I have been looking for a site like this for a long time. I am looking for good long term business with some good people, and I hope to find that here. I wish success to all.
  5. R

    Hi im new here.

    I found this forum because i was searching for a paypal checker. (Still in need of one btw) So yeah, hi!
  6. R

    New here.

    Hey carders i am new here. will post comments after browsing forum.
  7. W

    Waqar Is Here.

    hi there.im Waqar and new in this forum . i hope i can learn something new Thanks ...
  8. A

    hello everybody..!! it is nice to be here.

    Hi all. I'm a fucking hacker, the good, the hard head that never give up. I am specialized in finding vulnerabilities. A good day for me it is when I read my email and found a nice list of tracking. I also deal with air e-tickets around the world.
  9. BlackService

    Rippers sites online shop rip post here. List of kiddy rippers and clowns.

    First of all search info about the potential seller (ripper) from where you want to buy something - in Google, Yahoo at our forum - nfraud.cc/search.php and on some hacking/carding forums. 1.Check info in Google check icq number in different formats. Example icq 123123123 AND icq 123-123-123...