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    Hi everybody!! New in here!

    Hi to everybody i am new here hope to make some good deals !!
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    Brand new member here!

    Hello everyone! Glad to join this forum. I have source to unlimited paypal accounts. Any one good at sending funds can work with me. Looking forward to make some good money!
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    Newbie here!

    Newbie here i hope i could learn some carding here! wish me luck!
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    New Here!

    Hello, finally registered and looking to do some business very soon with CC's, been browsing around the forum, it's a great active place!
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    Hello Texzo here!

    Hi, My name is Théo, i'm French and live in France. I'm beginner in this scene.. And i would teach me is this field. For my first purchase, i have buy at Rizly_live for Transfers WU.
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    Sailor Moon Here! :]

    New to this forum, my primary business that I am going to do here is to buy Cards with Magnetic Strip info + The PIN, if any of you would be nice to let me know if there is a such fellow here PM me so we can form a relationship ^^!
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    hi to all the members here!

    hi! I'm a newbie here! Just new to carding and I hope I can learn soon! :)
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    Hi Guys!!! Just a newbie here!

    Name : Michael Nick Name : rockrune22 From : Oregon City : Portland Sex : Male Hobbies : Surfing the net, finding new ways to earn money :D i Got This Site From ? searching different things on google, when I checked this site, It made curious. So then I registered! XD
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    hello lucy here!

    Hello everyone I need some help with PP software and PP accounts. Can someone please add me and help me? Best Regards Lucy *******@xmpp.org.uk
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    Hello Lucy here!

    Hey guys Lucy here, I need someone to help me out with some PP software and PP. Can someone please add me on jabber and give me a hand? PLEASE?:) [email*********@xmpp.org.uk[/email]
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    i'm new here!

    i Got This Site From ? Google, i just looking info about all of carding and google sent me here its an awesome forum thanks for acepting me
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    happy im here!

    Maximus1 here new here and saying thanks and looking for real deals of quality verified vendors to patronize all hit me up if this is you!!?? Thanks peace all
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    Drinker - Selling WorldWide Dumps Here!

    Drinker - Selling WorldWide Dumps Here! Price: ===========USA============ CLASSIC/STANDARD = 20$ GOLD/PLATINUM/ = 30$ REST = 35$ AMX/DISCOVER = $40 ==========BULK============= 100 PCS USA MIXED = 1.6k 100 PCS USA CLASSIC/STANDART = 1.2k 100 PCS USA PLAT/BIZ/SIG = 2k 50 PCS USA...
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    Old to the New carder, happy to be here!

    Name : Nick Name : SOCRATE From : HAITI City : CAYES Sex : MALE Hobbies : CARDING i Got This Site From ? INFRAUD I'm an old carder and i've been on this field since the great SC... I hope this board don't have too much ripper and fake ass carder.