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    support on carding!

    hi guys. I use to card for years before all this new security come into place. here in the UK we never needed socks5 or VPN ect. I have access to unlimited supply of USA cc but when trying to card I get declined? I no these cards are of HQ because this is my same contact from that time, I...
  2. D

    i need socks5

    hello i need socks5 for cash out my card that i buy i need socks5 proxy from city Blacksburg, can someone help my?
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    needing to make some money?

    i am wondering if i will get a response from my pm? i was looking to get some help. can someone tell me more plz?
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    lookin for information

    What z up T c members can someone help me with wu like who's not going to play me. I used a verified vendor and got shit. Someone tell me what's up with this thanks .