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  1. SMS Master

    Vip Sms Spam Service For | Uk | Usa | Canada | Germany | France | Denmark | Italy | Korea | China |

    Hello we are proud to introduce our sms spam (SMS marketing service on verifiedcarder.ws) We give an new opportunity to our spammer brothers to reach on next level spamming with heavy response rate . Now we can send sms to any user in mentioned countries sms will goes to Inbox and user will...
  2. S

    Someone expirience with carding in germany?

    Hey, im a newbe from germany. Have someone exprience with carding in germany? whats about trader? geeting :bye1:
  3. BlackService

    Germany bank login

    https://bankingportal.ksk-gp.de/portal/portal/?IID=61050000&AID=IPSTANDARD&IFLBSERVERID=IF@@014@@IF 5213380 63235 GB02FTBK93832709527117 AlessioeValeria19942000
  4. S

    Hello from Germany!

    A short Hello from Germany! Just paid the verification membership and waiting for approval :) but in this time i can give a short hello to all here and hope for a good time in future! :) have a nice day! schmocko