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    Deal in Thailand!!

    Hi I'm Thais. First my Eng is not good enough. Now I need to make some money from any stuff you can sell to me (I mean about smart phone or watch or jewelry and etc.) but I dont have too much money so it mean I cant buy any expensive stuff now but would be later after I got some cash from small...
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    Private scheme of playing roulette with a live dealer (earnings of $ 20 per day). Guarantee

    Good afternoon dear friends. Selling your own earnings system on Live Roulette. I earn on it for a long time and it is stable (screenshots I will attach). The system sold on a foreign forum torrent (with a condition of 10 percent from profit to me, screenshots I will attach). Systems naturally...
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    I'm a trusted dealer

    I am a good trusted dealer, I got drops for WU picks in about 20 valid ID's , I got drops for bank transfer in the USA and Address in US for shopping, Any good carder or hacker for cool deals.