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credit card hacking

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    how to hack credit card?

    It is possible to hack credit cards from a remote magstripe. MagSpoof produces a magnetic field with electromagnetic polarization (polarity) and copies the magnetic stripe on the cards. Do not grow in your eyes You can do it yourself using Arduino or other devices. Credit Card Hacking...
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    Need a Hacker

    You will get paid 30% of the profits made. Please do not send PM's if you are not serious and don't have experience.
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    I need UK CC (non-vbv and non-avs)

    To all people that are interested in having long term business with me please do not expect me to buy off of you straight away, I am a professional carder and have been doing this for 6 years. I will pay you 30% of the profits once I have received items that I will order. If your interested...