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    Free of cost CC & dumps checking service

    Hi guy we want to introduce builtin CC & tracks checking service . we will wait for users feedback if users will vote for it we will implement asap . Actually How its work 1- Users can check Visa Master Amex Disover ccv free of cost 2- User can check Tracks 101/201 and other types no...
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    Free CCV Checking Website - AUSTRALIAN CARDS

    i use this for all my australian ccvs to make sure they are valid, the site is from the largest telco down under. https://secure.optus.com.au/paymybill/ all you do is make a 1cent transaction and it will approve the payment meaning the ccv is valid. no flags are brought up as aussie ccvs...
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    Checking AVS on CVV ( updated December 2012)

    If you want to check a credit card for verification match up on avs (registered biling address) and credit card number. Then please feel free to use the web site: get up and donate charity site weblink: www.getup.org.au/donate This site approves when there is a direct match between the...
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    Checking If Cvv2 is Valid

    Works good because you don't have to charge the card to see if valid. First Go to hxxp://dreambuilders.com then Choose any product,checkout next paste the cvv2 real info +wrong billing, if it says Unable to authorize payment: The transaction resulted in an AVS mismatch. The address...