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  1. Black Stone

    The Best Hacking Books 2020

    One of the most popular and most asked questions since I’ve started this blog is if I can recommend some good hacking books to read for beginners and more experienced hackers and penetration testers. In this article I want to highlight some hacking books and InfoSec books that I personally liked...
  2. Black Stone

    Review: Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

    During the last 3 months it was more quiet than usual on Hacking Tutorials. In this period less tutorials and articles were publish on Hacking Tutorials but there was a very good reason for that. For the last 3 months I have followed Offensive Security’s Penetration testing with Kali Linux (PWK)...
  3. Black Stone

    High Balance Visa Europe Spain

    4766641380111028|0721|969|Marta Cerceda puertolas|Saltoki Tudela polgono la barrena s/n|TudelaNavarra|ES|31500| 4766641369953010|0720|743|victoria.fernandez gabarre|calle doctor fleming 7,|figueresgirona|ES|17600| 4766649134796044|0421|518|ANDRES.FERRER SOLER|MENORCA 35 ESCALERA A 9...
  4. Black Stone

    Portugal Visa Credit

    Joana Napoles 4222400043055629 869 2023/2 Sintra Sintra 2710 Viela do Mato, 4 Bloco A, R/C Dto
  5. Black Stone

    Australia High Balance Visa

    4017954058162752|11|22|981|James|Batty|3 Echo Place|MELBOURNE||3008|AUSTRALIA|0410430610|jev.batty@gmail.com|
  6. Black Stone

    Scanning Webservers with Nikto for vulnerabilities

    Nikto is a very popular and easy to use webserver assessment tool to find potential problems and vulnerabilities very quickly. This tutorial shows you how to scan webservers for vulnerabilities using Nikto in Kali Linux. Nikto comes standard as a tool with Kali Linux and should be your first...
  7. Black Stone

    Websploit Directory Scanner – Scanning webserver directories

    In the next few tutorials I will explain how to use the different Websploit modules. WebSploit is an open source project for web application assessments. In this tutorial we will be using the websploit directory scanner module and we will add some custom directories. Websploit directory scanner...
  8. Black Stone

    Discovering subdomains with Sublist3r

    Today we’re going to do a small tutorial on subdomain enumeration with a tool called Sublist3r. Whether you’re a penetration tester enumerating possible attack vectors or a bug bounty hunter looking for domains that are in scope, subdomain discovery tools are indispensable in every toolkit...
  9. Black Stone

    Bank Logs Personal Information from VERIFIED CARDER

    Name: ELLEN KLEIN DOB: 07/21/1968 Address: 123 SAYRES PATH 1031,WAINSCOTT , NY ,119751031 Telephone: Mobile: 6786226718 Email: eklein333@gmail.com ------------------- Account Information -------------- Username: eklein333 Password: ekct1234 Place of Birth: Montgomery Alabama...
  10. Black Stone

    This Powerful Off-the-Shelf Phone-Hacking Tool Is Spreading

    Photo: Clem Onojeghuo/Unsplash By DJ Pangburn Researchers at internet watchdog Citizen Lab have found that a sophisticated piece of spyware designed to break into most commercially available smartphones is now in use in 45 countries. Pegasus, designed by Israeli security firm NSO Group, has...
  11. Black Stone

    Top JavaScript VSCode Extensions for Faster Development

    VSCode is an open-source, cross-platform editor that has become a favourite of programmers, particularly in the Web Development community. It’s fast, extensible, customisable, and has tons of features. You should check it out if you haven’t already done it. Thousands of extensions have been made...
  12. Black Stone

    TOP 10 Machine Learning Algorithms

    Linear regression is perhaps one of the most well-known and well-understood algorithms in statistics and machine learning. Predictive modeling is primarily concerned with minimizing the error of a model or making the most accurate predictions possible, at the expense of explainability. We will...