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  1. Tony

    Visa card

    Hi Dear @Damswerv. Welcome to Carder Forum - Carding forum - VerifiedCarder.ws, <br> Please follow these steps to be member of our forum. 1- Read forum rules and follow them 2- Do not make any deal without escrow 3- Always check vendor icq or email carefully 4- We don't involved in in...
  2. Jen_Swy

    Top Selling Best Carding Forum Fullz, Dumps, Money Transfer Services by (Legit Seller) Jen_Swy

    Welcome to My Service Carding Forums Western Union,PayPal,Bank Transfers. Rules Of My Services: 1-Payment always upfront for any deal 2-No test no freebies I will block you if you ask me for test or freebies 3-See my minimum price at my thread before add me 4-After added talk me about only...