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    If your from the UK looking for a valid UK Bin and methods hit me up on ICQ i got the methods and bins for the following websites: JDSPORTS FOOTLOCKER FLANNELS APPLE SELFRIDGES NIKE Hit me up on my ICQ:481465
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    ;) Newbie - Best country to card?

    Hello, just getting into carding. I wanted to know what country is the best and easiest to card? Also what is the best method if your are carding from a country you don't live in? Thanks so much, any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Carding Walmart & Walgreens plus Dumps with Pins and Wire Transfers

    ThePlugSon, USA Carding Walmart and Walgreens Carding I have 101’s and 201’s all dumps come with track 1 & 2 30$ a piece.... dumps are pre-checked and are valid Dumps With Pins All countries 200$ a number these are limited 80% valid best to buy 2-3 to increase chances Wire Transfers...