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    Dumps with pins, Walmart and walgreens carding

    Dumps with pins are 200$ a piece USA Validation rate 80% best to buy 2-3 to increase chances of hitting big Wal-Mart & Walgreens Carding i have 101's but mostly 201's...you must have a chip card for 201 30$ a number Track 1 + Track 2 I am the plugs son thank me later
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    The one eyed man is king in the land of the Blind.....

    Greeting all, I am a hard working person during the day, and a hard core carder during the night. I have been thru several vendors that eventually have ripped me off. So lets give this a sot.. I am looking for Dumps with Pins, Fullz, And CC (debit) with 4 digit pin as well as cvv. If I...