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  1. Credit Suisse

    Bypass Android Pattern Lock from ADB Tool

    Bypass Android Pattern Lock from ADB Tool You can bypass or disable your android pattern lock from usinh ADB (AndroidDebugging Bridge)Tool. You can download this tools from its official website. ADB tools work with your Window PC Linux,You can easily bypass android lockscreen from ADB Tools...
  2. B

    I thought I was in, then the card company said "nope"... What'd did I do wrong?***HELP***

    Alright so here's what I did exactly... Can a more seasoned vet on here tell me what I should've done differently, or if there just wasn't a chance to begin with? I don't currently have a working computer (in the middle of moving so half my shit is in storage; the computer in their is shit...
  3. B

    nfc tap-to-pay android phone exploit

    works at most nfc pos in usa, possibly other countries requires android phone with nfc chip, for example..https://www.att.com/cellphones/lg/phoenix-2-prepaid.html#sku=sku7910457 apk1 works with certain amex/discover/mastercard/visa 101/201 dumps..https://vid.me/Oxuh if u need to calculate cvv...
  4. xtremedj

    I Can Making Fake Bank site, Fraud website, Android app,etc... No Upfront payment!

    Moved To Verified Seller SF: https://www.cardersforum.se/10090i-can-build-anything-you-want-php-java-html-fake-bank-website-etc.htm