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  1. Black Stone

    How to Write Perfect Python Command-line Interfaces — Learn by Example

    This article will show you how to make perfect Python command line interfaces, to improve your team productivity and comfort. As Python developers, we always use and write command-line interfaces. On my Data Science projects, for example, I run several scripts from command-line to train my...
  2. M

    Free VPS(AlwaysOnPc) forever!

    Free VPS(AlwaysOnPc) forever! Registering part: 1. Go to AlwaysOnPC: Run Chrome, Firefox, Flash, Java, Open Office Suite & More on iPad, iPhone or Android! 2. Click Sign Up and fill the form. 3. Optional: Confirm your e-mail. Hacking part: 1. Go to http://mywebpc.cixx6.com/aop.apk...