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    Bypassing Gmail Mobile Verification...tut

    1)Go to K7.net Sign up there. 2)Create an account on gmail, but in location fill United States... 3)after Creating your e-mail account,Now it will take you to mobile verification page. 4) Here select the option of Voice call and fill the no: that you got from the website (k7.net) 5)Now...
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    Spamming tools Shop's

    Don't buy anyting from these shops they are selling dead stuff only OTR | Login https://sh0ping.net/
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    Welcome Our New Admin TheSon777

    Hello EveryOne Say WelCome To Our New Admin TheSon773 He Join Cardersforum.Se For Make The Forum Active Welcome Him To Cardersforum.Se
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    A new Administrator with a vision

    Glad to see you ,lets make this forum the best.
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    Wellcome Brother Stay Active
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    Share Your Known Rippers

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    Freebitcoin tested.

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    Share Your Known Rippers

    Beware Ripper Forum bpcsquad.com
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    Here you can find Advanced Verified Vendor http://www.cardersforum.se/news-announcements/8475-verified-sellers-staff-list.html
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    Share Your Known Rippers

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    First day able to post

    Check @ Verified Seller Section For Advances Vendors
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    my intro

    Wellcome At Cardersforum.se