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How to create a free website [for phishing]

Black Stone

Black Stone

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Dec 6, 2016
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United kingdom
i've recently noticed in my phishing tutorials that many ppl dont know how to make a free website so i'm right here to help them ^^ rep+

okay , we first need to go to : http://www.hostinger.com
there will be a map , choose your country or the closest one

go login with your facebook or make a new account
okay now change language to english if it isn't
go to hosting (top left)
new account (the free one press order)
okay we are going to use a subdomain , make your website look like : leagueoflegends.esy.es or sth like that so it won't be sketchy
choose ur password and go confirm everything , then go to hosting , select the website u made (if it doesnt appear go to home first)
scroll down u will find file manager click on it
if the file manager #1 have errors go to the other one
okay guys , all u have to do now is put all ur file there

if u are using file manager #2 go to public_html and upload the files there
that's all

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