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Easy methods on how to get free phone(s) from samsung



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Mar 21, 2013
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First of all, thanks for commenting/liking this post and being a good member of the community.
Now take your time to read and enjoy!

Method 1 - Refunding your phone (VERY EASY)
Step 1. Order your phone(s) from samsung.com
CHECKOUT WITH PAYPAL!, their limit is very high!
Step 2. Wait for it to arrive
Step 3. Open a chargeback on PayPal, say it never arrived.
Step 4. Escalate it to PayPal after some time. Samsung will never respond to the claim.
Step 5. PayPal will give you your refund. Easy money.

Method 2 - SE your phone (HARDER)
Step 1. Find/buy a serial/IMEI from a Samsung phone.
Step 2. Contact the Samsung support and say it doesn't work anymore.
Its important to be creative.
Step 3. They will probably ask you to return the device.
Step 4. Put some rocks/dry ice in a box and return it with the return label they gave you.
This is because they will check the weight of the box and it has to look legit to make it look like
the phone is actually in there.
Dry ice is the best but its hard, be sure to check out some tutorials about this on Nulled.
Step 5. Once its arrived contact them again and they will probably ask you
to give an address. Use a drop or reship for extra security.

Hopefully you enjoyed this. Have a great day ahead.