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Earn $10 - $20 daily, 100% autopilot method



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Jul 18, 2019
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Hi guys, I own use this method,

That pays instantly without any withdrawal limits

And i was decided to make a Ebook about this method to sell it on BHW and nulled

But then i decided that why not Help peoples

Please Show me your Support

Method :

Step 1:

Make 3-5 Gmail Accounts for more registrations and account update

Step 2:

Register on the website : www.sharemagnet.com

Try to register from different countries and region and then fill everything that they ask,

And after registration, Send them a mail through your registration mail , And write on the mail that you have many active peoples in social media and something better that you can write,

They take 12-24 hours to approve your account once they approved you will notify through mail,

Sharemagnet is a influence market that pays you for every click, I earned $0.80 per click from sharemagnet

Sounds good ??

Step 3:

Ok once your account is approved ,

Now you will see several ads on your screen, first share them to your social media networks,

Then copy the url of ads from social media networks where you share and then use hitleap for clicks , try to give clicks after 5-10 minutes of periods and long time views,

Sharemagnet support is all time active so try to give natural traffic if you have,

If they caught that you give fake traffic they will directly ban your account,

Step 4:

After you earn any several bucks so there is no limits of withdrawal you can withdraw any number of $$,

NOTE : Withdraw every single buck that you earn from ad because there is too many chances of ban you account!

I even withdrawn $0.10,

They insantly pay you on your paypal,

Best of luck to you,

Please support me for more earning tips,