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Cash-app method! free items



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Mar 21, 2013
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Another leak as promised for you guys! This is a Cash-app method which you can use to get free items from sellers
I hope you guys have enjoyed the other leaks so far

~~~~~~~~~~~Cash App Methods~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
How to make money using Cash App
1. create a fake cash app support email
Example: CashappSupport@gmail.com
2. Go on selling sites such as offer up or wish
Create multiple accounts
3. Go to expensive items and ask if they can ship it to your location.
4. When they say yes give them your phone number and ask them to text you or call you.
5. Ask them if they accept Cash App payments.
6. Once they say yes ask for there email so you can send a fake PayPal confirmation mail.

Fake confirmation mail template:

Dear *[persons name]
*You received a payment of [any amount] from [your name] *
Thanks for using Cash App. You can now ship any items. To see all the
transaction details, log in to your Cash App account.
It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.
Seller Protection - Eligible
*buyer: [your name] *
Note to seller
Please note my address i have provided. I will send you an email soon.
Shipping address - confirmed
Name: [your name]
Address : [your address]
Country; [your country]
State; [your state]
City; [your city]
Zip Code: [your zip code]

Shipping details
Description Unit price Qty Amount
[item] [price]
Shipping and handling $100.00
Insurance - not offered
Payment [the amount you are paying]
NOTE: Funds deducted from the buyer's account is not returnable to the buyer's account. So you are in total control of the funds once we credit it.
Your patience and cooperation will be highly appreciated.
if you have any questions about your account, visit our online Customer Service section. If you're having a problem with your service, feel free to send us an email.
Thank you for using Cash App!
The Cash App Team
8. tell them that they have to send the tracking number to the email to receive the payment
9. Once they have sent the tracking number to the email block them on everything and you now have a free item
10. Then resell the item at a much higher price